How And Why We Connect With The Living God

How And Why We Connect With The Living God

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What if we were to slow down?

Pondering this question, slowing down it is not a bad idea when given serious consideration.

In the beginning, whether we believed in God or not, we were directed to have a day of rest…on the 7th day actually following 6 days of creation. And looking around us, it’s fair to say that people are busy doing what has been pinned of them for years ‘running around like chicken’s with their heads chopped off.’ Nobody is stopping long enough to smell the roses, let alone, go for a quiet walk without a headset or cell phone in hand; this is not a good or healthy state of being … nor for the soul!

What if we were to give further consideration behind the reasoning for taking at least one day of rest each week as a minimum? And what if there was a formula that not only made sense, but also offered us a written word to justify its reasoning?

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In the book, How & Why We Connect With The Living God, we find a formula that provides us a step by step explanation, laid out to the acronym “YOU  ARE  WORTH  IT.” Let’s have a quick look to see if it carries any substance to perhaps encourage us to look even deeper into the idea of what might happen if we responded to the question, “What if we were to slow down.”


Y/oke…we live and learn from the yoke of God
O/verseer…we live with the gift of an overseer
U/nity…we live in unity with all men

A/bstain…we live abstaining from all unrighteousness
R/epent…we live in righteousness through repentance
E/dify…we live to edify others of the grace and love of God

W/ork…we live, work and do all things as unto Him
O/bey…we live to obey honest correction and rebuke
R/ejoice…we live to rejoice in our freedom and peace of mind
T/ithe…we live to give (tithe) in furthering His absolute truth
H/umble…we live in humbleness at all times, void of pride

I/nheritance…we live in His inheritance, which is also ours
T/hanksgiving…we live to give thanks for all things in Christ’s name

Looking at the ‘YOU’ of the acronym, especially ‘Yoke,’ to a non-Christian it will no doubt appear as slight lunacy for good reason; thinking, “I’m no cow or oxen!” But when we look to the word that supports this suggestion, it is not intended as it appears, but rather metaphorically with the idea of following a road map on how to live out our day to day life without trying to do it in our own strength. Similar perhaps to paint-by-number, where not everyone can draw or paint without some form of path or diagram to follow; a train would go no where without its tracks!

Scripturally speaking, from the book of Matthew (NT – NLT) Chapter 11 Verse 29 we find where the proclaimed author of life says: “Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. ” So in other words, we can go through life under the yoke of the world as we see it, facing the unnecessary and defeating battles in life, and do so alone, or we can opt to come under the yoke of the proclaimed author of life, where the trying and defeating battles become mere challenges…and we’re never alone. Jesus also tells us that if we are tired and weary and need a break, He will comfort us with the rest in Him we need.

By taking on the yoke of the living God, it automatically leads us to the next letter of the acronym, that stands for ‘OVERSEER,’ living daily with the gift of this proclaimed ‘OVERSEER,’ … like the invisible bodyguard if you will … and by Christ becoming our Full Time ‘OVERSEER’ by faith, we discover how much easier it is to live in ‘UNITY’ with all men; we become humble, not proud; we listen more than we speak; we learn to walk with the right crowd without judgement of others, etc., etc.

Each word fitting to this acronym follows one after the other automatically as we learn from the author of life as opposed to trusting in ourselves or more so, in those also created and their religious ideas, rather than trusting in the Creator Himself.

The Acronym Explained

In explaining this acronym further, we might see it as taking on the YOKE of the author of life…in His rest…who then becomes our inner spiritual OVERSEER…empowering us to see all people as equal, thus in return finding it easier to live in UNITY with all men/women, respecting their individuality…finding it then the new norm and easier to ABSTAIN from all unrighteousness as humanly possible…while grasping our need to REPENT versus saying we are sorry, to solve struggling issues…learning to EDIFY others rather than beating them down as society leads us to do today…thus then allowing us to WORK not for selfish means but rather as unto this One who claims to be the author of life…as we learn to OBEY His honest correction and rebuke…suddenly able to REJOICE in this unusual freedom and peace of mind…learning to TITHE (give) what we know not to be ours anyhow, but His, and doing so graciously with the miracle of constant replenishing because of our obedience to give in the first place…as we live with a HUMBLE spirit, without pride…in the INHERITANCE of knowing that this life is only a dress rehearsal and not the end all…finding that THANKSGIVING now flowing from the heart, is returned for His leadership and ultimate plan for our lives, including the free gift of eternal salvation.

In closing, the book, “How & Why We Connect With The Living God” references only ‘The Living Word of God,’ The Holy Bible … and what an experience alone that is … as we draw closer to the Living God, Himself, Jesus Christ; author confirming of how wonderful it is when we reach that point of confession, “I was blind but now I see!”

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